Remote Sessions (Horse, Pet, or Animal, Human)

$80.00 Per Session - Reiki

Add On Light or Photopuncture:


$.56 Per Mile Round Trip after the first 25 miles (or 30 minutes approximately). Google map mileage will be used from my home to the location along with the session fee.

Distance/Remote Session Available

Remote or Long Distance Sessions

My work can be done remotely - or long distance- so my location vs yours is not a problem for having a session done. Lights, essential oils, and music can all be sent with the Reiki. It is similar to your cell phone or wifi... they all have a frequency and frequencies can be sent. All I need is an address, a couple of photos, a surrogate, my pendulum, and paperwork along with a couple of phone calls!! If I am working with an animal I need the owner, or person working with the animal, to be on site to watch the animal's reactions and to take notes. A price of a cost the same as listed under my other session tabs - minus the expense mileage or driving to me. Contact me for more information.

Wellness With Infinite Heart remote Reiki session
Remote session with cattle and land Wellness With Infinite Heart
Wellness With Infinite Heart Remote Equine Reiki and Light Session
Wellness With Infinite Heart remote Reiki session

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Prices are subject to change without notice