Bodywork with MM Sessions

What is MM?

MM is the Masterson Method of equine bodywork - founded by Jim Masterson. Per Jim it is an interactive method of bodywork in which I:

1) Recognize and use the horse's response to my touch, so we can:

2) Find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body.

Accumulated tension restricts movement and can affect the horse's comfort, performance, and behavior. This method let's the horse actively participate in the process of releasing tension. It is done with the horse rather than to the horse. In fact it will not work if the horse does not participate! These techniques also increase the communication and connection between us and our horse.

It can also be used with my human clients and offered to other equine assisted services. When a person does MM work the intention is for them to give to the horse, it is not about them. This has many therapeutic benefits for the person as well: is a chance to relax, destress, and learn: improves self confidence, sense of personal empowerment, and pride: is a chance to give selflessly to another living being and to feel unconditional love: improves focus and provides the opportunity to "be present" and in the moment, as the horse is; is a chance to experience mindfulness based on the horse-human interaction; promotes feelings of calmness and connection between the horse and person; being with a horse lowers cortisol levels which reduces anxiety: and so much more...And horse's are fun! The size of my Miniature Horse's make them less intimidating than the "big" horses.

Session Information and Pricing

Horse Session:

$70.00 Per Session

$.56 Per Mile Round Trip after the first 25 miles (or 30

minutes approximately). Google map mileage will be used

from my home to the location along with the session fee.

Mileage will be split between multiple clients on the same


Human Session:

$80.00 Per Session

These sessions are about giving to the horse....and receiving in return - not about the person...

At my farm only. These sessions will depend on the

temperature as my barn is not weather controlled.

Interested in a bodywork with MM session?

Contact me for a session!