Equine Assisted & Guided Energy Sessions

$80.00 per session at my farm

These sessions will depend on the temperature as my barn is not weather controlled.

Equine Assisted or Guided Reiki with Wellness With Infinite Heart

I have added my horses and Equine Assisted Sessions to my work, not only because of my love for them, but because the horses I have had through the years have taught me personally how healing they can be. There have been times when they were all I had to lean on particularly after some traumatic changes in my life. They restore positive energy and correct imbalances by clearing our hearts, energy fields, energy centers.

Equine Assisted or Guided Reiki with Wellness With Infinite Heart
Equine Assisted or Guided Reiki with Wellness With Infinite Heart
Equine Assisted or Guided Reiki with Wellness With Infinite Heart

Energy Sessions With Your Horse or Pet

If you are very well connected to your horse or pet and they would like to help with your Reiki session a session together can be done. This would be at your home/farm where everything is familiar to your animal. Sessions may depend on the temperature.

$80.00 Per Session (this equals 1 session with only the person with their horse assisting)

$.56 Per Mile Round Trip after the first 25 miles (or 30 minutes approximately). Google map mileage will be used from my home to the location along with the session fee.

Distance/Remote Sessions Available

Person receiving Reiki with Wellness With Infinite Heart
Person receiving Reiki with the help of her Miniature Horse with Wellness With Infinite Heart
Person receiving Reiki with the help of her Miniature Horse with Wellness With Infinite Heart
Person receiving Reiki with the help of her Miniature Horse with Wellness With Infinite Heart

Masterson Method - Equine Assisted Sessions for Humans

The Masterson Method techniques that I have learned for horses help them to release tension. It can also be used with my human clients and offered to other equine assisted services. Please take a look at the benefits to horses and humans a session has to offer by clicking Masterson Sessions EAS & Equine in the menu.

Equine Assisted & Guided Energy Therapy

I am not a equine assisted therapist, psychotherapist, or hippotherapist. I provide therapies/modalities that help to energetically balance the body. Balancing these imbalances can be beneficial to helping the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so it may have the ability to heal itself. Horses have the ability to balance the energetic system of people and other animals. People have had the desire to connect with animals for tens of thousands of years and to have relationships with them. Because of a horse's magical beauty, grace, majestic stature and strength people of all ages are drawn to them. Being in the presence of horses seems to transform people in different ways. Clinical studies have proven that being around horses changes the brain wave patterns of humans. Horses live in the present moment - being in the presence of horses brings us more into the present moment. Being in the present moment we can calm down, become more focused and centered - this is when transformation happens. A lot has been learned in the last twenty years about the benefits of being around horses and using this positive interaction for therapeutic interaction with horses and people. This positive interaction has shown to have profound healing on physical, emotional and mental challenges in the Equine Assisted Therapy/Psychotherapy field. Equine sessions clear blockages and help us to get into our natural balance. Often times there is a two-way "healing" that happens with the horse and person.

As I mentioned studies are being done and I have come across a couple of explanations as to how/why horses are beneficial in helping people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Researchers at the Institute of Heart-Math studied the two-way "healing" that happens when people are close to horses and they believe it has to do with our heart rate. Our hearts have an electromagnetic field around them. A magnetometer can measure the energy field of the heart. The energy field of a person's heart radiates from 2.4 to 3 meters around our body. A horse's is five times larger than that and it can influence straight into a person's heart rate. Like people horses are likely to have a coherent heart rate which explains why we feel better when we are close to them. A coherent heart rate is a certain pattern of heart rate that changes in sync with the breath - speeding up on inhalation and slowing down on exhalation. Studies show that a coherent heart pattern is a solid measurement of well-being and is consistent with emotional states of calm and joy. We show coherent heart rate patterns when we feel positive emotions. They are signs of a body system that can recover and adapt to stress efficiently. Lots of times we just need to be in the presence of a horse to feel a sense of well-being and peace. When horses are in a herd they synchronize their heart beats, if one horse's heart rate goes up, they all know there is danger. Horses can hear a person's heart beat from four feet away. Like horses in a herd, a person's heart will sync to the heart rhythm of a horse's heart just by being near the horse. Research shows that people experience many physiological benefits from interacting with horses:

  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Higher beta-endorphins (neurotransmitters acting as pain suppressors)
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Decreased feelings of anger, hostility, tension and anxiety, better social working
  • Greater feelings of empowerment, confidence, patience, and self-efficacy

We have mirror neurons. They are brain cells that react when a particular action is performed and when it is only observed. They allow us to learn through imitation and enable us to reflect body language, facial expressions, and emotions. Mirror neurons are a essential part of our social life and play a key part in our child development, relationships, and education. They allow us to determine other people's intentions and their actions. They are also very important in our ability to empathize and socialize with other people because we communicate our emotions mostly through our facial expressions. Horses have mirror neurons also - more than most any other creature. It is what keeps them a live in the wild. This is what enables them to read human emotions and to be able to hold space in therapy sessions. It's what causes a horse to mirror their rider when they are working together. It's what causes a horse to behave differently with different handlers/riders. If the person concentrates on his/her breath the horse will mirror it - they will be in the same breath. Being in the same breath helps to bring us back to the present and sync the heart rates of the horse and the person. Once the heart rate in synced the above mentioned changes can happen with the person.

So where does Wellness With Infinite Heart and my herd come into play? People tend to ignore their energy field when healing. It can have holes and hold trauma after the human body has been ill, injured, or gone through procedures. This is why sometimes they have not healed fully long after a surgery or illness. It can happen to animals as well. Horses can do healing work (help to bring the body back into balance so it can heal itself), the same as a good energy healer. They can do this on the energetic level with humans and other animals because every single being is made of energy. They clear energy from the energy fields (auras) and energy centers (chakras) of the body. They can release constricted energy, dissolve energy blocks, and replace them with high-frequency energy (love). Horse's are also very good at holding space for people when needed. What is holding space? Holding space is being physically, mentally, and emotionally present for someone, without judgement. It means putting your focus on someone to support them as they feel their feelings, giving them your ears and heart without anything in return using empathy and compassion. This gives them the opportunity to work on healing themselves. Horses can help us to find inner peace, hone our intuition, be out in nature, breathe, antidepressant, restore balance to our life, give us the confidence to do anything, love and respect our self, feel free... Horses are visual beings, not verbal beings like humans, so they allow us to communicate visually as opposed to the verbal communication we are so comfortable with. They have an amazing way of allowing humans to connect to what is inside of us waiting to come out visually and helping it to come out.

Equine Assisted Energy Therapy is horses assisting with a Reiki session vs Equine Guided is when horses do the energy therapy themselves - sometimes a session becomes both. Equine Assisted & Guided Energy Therapy Sessions available through Wellness With Infinite Heart are as follows:

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