My Energy & Light Experiences

I have had many wonderful experiences helping horses, pets, and people. There is no way I could possibly share them all. But I want to share some that show the diversity of my therapies/modalities and how they can help the body.

Reiki, Equine Assisted or Guided Energy Therapy, Light Therapy, Photopuncture, Pendulum Alchemy/Healing/Dowsing, Shamanism, The Healy Device, Essential Oils, and Dynamite Nutraceuticals.

Me and Wyatt

Cracked Wrist and

Laminitis with Sacral Issues

In July of 2019 I went to catch my miniature mule and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he bent my left wrist up and back. When it started to go numb I went to the ER for x-rays. It had been cracked but fortunately where the bones met so surgery, pins, and a plate where not needed. A few days later the clinic took off the ER's type of cast and put this one on. I was told it'd take 6 weeks and two more cast changes then possibly rehab. I was doing light pad work on Wyatt's sacrum at the time on the setting for bone repair so I just rested my cast on top of the cast while it ran for him. I got to wear it to Vegas when I got remarried. When I got home it was x-rayed again and the cast came off. No rehab was required. I was told my the surgeon that I could start working my horse chores up to where they needed to be. If the wrist wasn't coming along like I wanted then I could contact him for rehab. I never had to do rehab.

Light & Photopuncture sessions, essential oils, Dynamite supplements

My 2nd cast for a cracked wrist

Before the wrist incident Wyatt had come up lame in his hind legs or hindend - I really couldn't tell where the problem was coming from. He is very energy sensitive and does not play well with the vet (Iowa State University which also means students are on the calls - not good in Wyatt's calls normally). I finally had them come and do a lameness test. Hoof tests indicated laminitis in the right front. His farrier came that week and found stretched laminae. He trimmed as much as he could without causing more problems. He said Wyatt would probably be lamer for a few days. After he left I used my torches to do Photopuncture with acupuncture points for laminitis points along with the ting points on the hoof. I then wrapped a pad around his foot. Since I didn't want to compromise his hoof more but it needed cooled down I then applied essential oils and a cold compress. I did this several days in a row. Wyatt never got lamer. Six weeks later when the farrier returned for a trim he was able to trim out what little bit of stretched laminae was left. Wyatt has never had laminitis problems since. He was however still off for some reason. He seemed reactive in his sacral area so I applied a pad to it and the first session I heard a pop. I continued to apply it for several days. I gave him supplements/nutraceuticals as laminitis is about inflammation, circulation, and detox. It solved what ever he had done although he still randomly needs some maintenance.

July - August 2019 Light Sessions for wrist, Photopuncture & Lights Sessions, Essential Oils, Supplements for laminitis & sacral


Stifle Issues

Weber, a 16 hand Pinto who has competed in many shows, was 11 years old when this session was done. At 7 years old he had injections done in his left stifle and hock. I had done Reiki on him in the past so when it looked like he was needing more injections, in both legs this time, his owner decided to try light therapy first. Having worked with Weber in the past I knew he was bound and determined to not show us when he was releasing tension or pain. His resistance go to was to nod his head up and down quite briskly. I put my poll cap on him for a starting session. After avoiding with the nodding for a few times he started releasing by licking and chewing, yawning, resting his left leg, then resting his right leg, and shifting his between the two. At some point he rolled his right eye back into his head as he was yawning. We turned him loose in the arena after the session and the big guy who refused to release in front of us in the past literally sat down on his hind quarters then rolled several times. He had a riding session that night and I was texted "Weber is feeling very good tonight! In a good way!" His owner now has lights and can keep up with his maintenance - which has meant no injections!

March 2020 Light Session

Equine Light Session

Weber receiving red light through a poll cap

Equine Light Session

Releasing with yawns, licking & chewing, rollling his eyes...

Equine Light Session

And the BIG release - a sit down to roll...

Equine Light Session

And the roll....

Equine Light Session

And the rolls....


Trust Issues Due to Training Trauma

I have worked with Heshe, a double registered Shetland Pony/Miniature Horse, w(ith Reiki. He is very cautious to open up as he has past history that is physical, emotional, and mental. Since he is so protective of himself when I started light work with him I decided to use my Pain Free Pad on him (see his photo with the pad on the Light Therapy page) I laid it on him starting at his tail and as he relaxed kept sliding it closer to his poll. He did some walking for avoidance for awhile then started licking and chewing. Walking helps him to release so we just let him walk as the lights worked. I eventually got the pad right up to his poll behind his ears! This was big as I was never able to get that close to his ears in previous sessions. He went back to his stall after the session to relax and did more releasing.

March 2020 Light Session

Equine Reiki and Light Sessions

Heshe receiving red light through a poll cap

Heshe's owner kept him in training for the 2020 show session despite Covid, not knowing, if they would be able to show. I went out in May to work with him again before their first show of the year and we were able to get my poll cap on him. We put on the pad and I walked out of his space while his owner let him walk, process, and release. He did some licking and chewing, walking, shifting and resting his legs, walking, and finally relaxing and processing. He rested a day then was long lined, the next hitched and drove and he did amazing I was told. The 2nd week of June was his first show and he brought home some nice ribbons but better yet he showed his heart out and did his best.

May 2020 Light Session

Equine Light Session

Relaxing and processing with red light through the poll cap

Equine Light Session

A couple of days later during training...

Equine Light Session

First show of the 2020 show year

Equine Light Session

First show of the 2020 show year


Refusing to Pivot on the Forehand or Jump

Misty was a new double registered Shetland Pony/Miniature Horse to the barn when I saw a post on facebook from her owner asking for ideas. She is an awesome trainer who had tried everything she knew to get Misty to pivot on her front feet. She was refusing to pivot and would side pass instead. She also could not get her to jump. My response was "can she?" I went to the farm, did an assessment, and found reactions in her left shoulder. I put on my poll cap for a half hour to help her relax and to help to balance her hyoid. I then applied red/near infrared light through my torch to acupoints that affect the shoulders. She had release reactions in her right shoulder (although she had reacted on the left side...) with licking and chewing, gas releases, and shifting her weight/legs. She got the next day off then had a training session. My update was that she had done two pivots and was now jumping!

May 2020 Light & Photopuncture Session

Equine Light Session

Misty receiving red light through a poll cap

Equine Light Session

Nailed it!!! Perfect pivot and jumping the next day after her session

Equine Light Session

First show of the 2020 show year and her very first Hunter Class


Reactions to Vaccines

In recent years Jimmy had gotten very stiff and sore after his vaccinations. This round of vaccinations was even worse - he couldn't get his head down to eat. The vet prescribed bute but his owner reached out to me for more support with in hours of his vaccinations. I used the poll cap to relax him and although he is normally very stoic within a few minutes he was licking and chewing with us cheering him on! 30 minutes later he went back to his stall and was able to get his head down and started munching his hay. The next day he had gotten through it all instead of being off of work for days as in the past.

June 2020 Light Session

Equine Light Session

Jimmy releasing with licking, chewing, & yawing while receiving red light through a poll cap


Slipped Disk

Reba's owner contacted me on the weekend asking if I could help Reba. She had gone out the night before before bedtime and had taken much longer than usual to come when called. When she showed up she was dragging both hind legs. I have worked with her owner's horses before. As she was massaging and running her hands down Reba's back she noticed her licking and chewing. Remembering this was a sign of releasing tension and pain and a good thing from our previous sessions she kept doing it for a while. I did a reiki and light session with her as soon as we could the next day after the incident. This was to help with the inflammation and pain until she could get to the vet and chiropractor. I used a pad to help her relax and my torches down both sides of her spine along with reiki on a very hot spot we had found. It looked like a small hump in her spine by her shoulders. Before the session she was dragging her legs and then would flop over, sitting she had to flop/stretch both hind legs out to the side, and she of course was not able to jump, hadn't eaten, drank enough water, or gone to the bathroom since her return to the house. She looked depressed and painful and didn't have her usual "grin." After the session she was walking on her hind legs much better and further and sitting straighter. She threw up her last meal that hadn't digested then ate, drank, and went to the bathroom.

The vet diagnosed a slipped disk in the area that was hot and advised a very expensive surgery or she could be taken home and put on crate rest for 6 to 8 weeks. The vet commented that Reba was not showing as much pain as she should have been. Yeah reiki and lights! Her owner also uses essential oils and had been applying the ones we had decided to use. Her owner took her home and set up an appointment with a chiropractor. He was more concerned about her hips than the disk - as one took a lot more work to adjust. He felt she had probably gotten caught somewhere and pulled herself free. He did his adjustments and felt rest and leash outside would be better than crate rest. I did another session to support the chiropractor's work and this that time her grin came back! She made one more visit to the chiropractor and was on track to healing. As I am writing this in Aug 2021 she is doing well.

September 2020 Reiki & Light Sessions, Essential Oils

Dog Reiki and Light Sessions, Essential Oils

Reba relaxing after Reiki, Light, & Essential Oil Session Sept 2020

Dog Reiki and Light Sessions, Essential Oils

Reba August 2021


Burn, Pancreatitis, Chain Saw Cut

On my birthday August 10th, 2020 derecho went through the farm knocking down trees as it went. Fortunately the house and barn received little damage and all of the horses (and me as I had to ride it out in the barn) where all safe and no one was injured. Clean up however was another story...

We burnt several piles of tree branches and trunks. During one fire starting we were out of lighter fluid and diesel so the hubby used gasoline. I momentarily distracted him which gave the fumes a chance to just sit and build up. As he started it with a long bic lighter it blew him backwards about ten feet and he hit the ground. I thought he was dead as I got to him but he suddenly started moving putting out his beard as it had started on fire and his arm hair was singed. His nose got burnt pretty bad. I used my face mask pad with red and blue light on it. It healed with just a few sessions.

A week later he had terrible abdominal pains so we headed to the ER. They diagnosed it as pancreatitis. Since we were now in the middle of Covid 19 lockdowns he was told normally they would admit him and put him on fluids but with Covid he could go home and see his doctor on Monday. He came home and we immediately started light pads and photopuncture. It helped the pain immensely and he was only off work 1 day. It also brought his enzyme levels back to normal within the 3 days between the ER visit and doctor's visit. I personally believe the blow from the fire caused the pancreatitis but the doctor's had no answer.

Human Light Sessions

Burnt nose receiving red & blue light through a fask mask

Human Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Nose burn at start of light sessions

Human Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Nose burn after light sessions

Human Light and Photopuncture Sessions

12 stitches from chain saw before red & near infrared light sessions

Human Light and Photopuncture Sessions

12 days later - stitches out

Then Labor Day weekend we spent time in the ER again for 12 stitches across his knee. As he was cutting a tree trunk a branch from above that didn't look that loose as it was hanging loosened, came down, and hit his arm holding the running saw. Fortunately he didn't lose his leg. I got the bleeding stopped but every time he bent his knee it started bleeding again. I once again got out my pads to help with the inflammation and pain. It healed faster than normal and we should have gotten the stitches out earlier than the ER's 12 day appointment - they had to hunt for the stitches.

August - September 2020 Photopuncture & Light Sessions

Human Light photopuncture Sessions

Red & near infrared light being applied by Photopuncture with torches to acupuncture points to support the pancreas during pancreatis


Cut Under Eyelid, Molar, Choke

When I first saw this eye it had blood running out of it. I did see the tiff that caused it - on of Royal's hind hooves grazed it. The vet came out, cleaned it, checked for scratches and cuts. A cut couldn't be seen but she thought it was up under the lid where they couldn't do anything for it anyway. All she could do was leave me a tube of banamine. I immediately started apply my blue and red light at the same time twice a day. It looked fine after 3 sessions (1 and 1/2 days).

As a three year old the vet had trouble removing a third year cap on Gem's bottom right side of her mouth. The permanent tooth must have gotten twisted during the removed as it now sits at an angle in between the molars on each side that are straight. Since it doesn't have an upper tooth grinding on it while she chews it gets a sharp point on it and she needs regular dentals. She tends to act as if her jaw is very sore all the time and she has a headache. It will make her very jumpy and cranky. I use red and near infrared torches to apply light to acupuncture points that help with teeth issues and pain for maintenance.

Equine Photopuncture Sessions

Eye after being cleaned up & checked by vet. Previously blood was running from it - Friday PM

I left for the day and came home to find Gem with salivia running from her mouth. Having experienced a choke before I called the vet. The norm is to use a tube to break whatever is caught in the throat apart and wash it into the stomach. After quit some time of trying she could not get it broke loose so Gem was taken into ISU and left. They tried again to remove whatever was caught with tubing and had no luck. I was told they would try again in the morning. If they couldn't get it to move they would then put her under general anesthesia in the hope that it would relax her esophagus and it would then move on down. Whatever it was could be felt right as the esophagus entered the stomach. If that didn't work we would have to have a different conversation. I was also told this particular vet had never had to go past tubing, it usually worked as it was normally food that broke up.

The next morning another Reiki Master Shaman and I did a distance session together with Gem to help her body to use her energy to relax and release the blockage herself. Later that morning the vet called surprised that when they had tubed Gem again it had just broken loose and they didn't know why as they were planning to put her under anesthesia and decided they would try one more time with the tube just in case. She had to stay at the clinic for a few more days so they could make sure a small tear in her esophagus from the blockage was healing. She had also gotten saliva into her lungs and there were a few spots of pneumonia showing up so she was put on antibiotics. When she came home I used my light pad to help the tear to continue to heal and her immune system.

January 2021 Photopuncture Sessions for eye

Ongoing Photopuncture Sessions for molar

March - April 2021 Light Sessions for choke, Distance Reiki Session during clinic stay

Equine Photopuncture Sessions

Eye after 1 red & blue light session with a torch - Saturday AM

Equine Photopuncture Sessions

Eye after 3 red & blue light session with a torch - Sunday AM

Equine Photopuncture Sessions

Scar on outside of cheek caused by the twisted molar - where the hair is missing on her cheek bone

Equine Photopuncture Sessions

Red\Near infrared light being applied to acupuncture points for teeth and pain

Equine Light Sessions. Long Distance Reiki

On the way home after a stay at ISU from March 31 to April 3 after a very bad choke

Equine Light Sessions, Long Distance Reiki

Red, near infrared, & blue light session with a pad applied over the area where the blockage & tear in her esophagus was to help the tear to finish healing


Tear in Shoulder Found in Scan

Not Found in Surgery...

A tear was found by her doctor in a CT Scan in January and surgery was scheduled for March. KT immediately purchased a red/near infrared torch to be able to do light work at home on a daily basis. She came to my office for regular sessions that included light pads being applied while I did Reiki. She went in for the planned surgery in March. The surgeon told her after wards that it ended up being only an exploratory - they could not find a tear that he knew had been on previous scans.

January - March 2021 Reiki, Photopuncture & Light Sessions, Essential Oils. Continues sessions for support.

Human Reiki and Light Sessions, Essential Oils, Shamanic

Various pads with red, near infrared, & blue applied for the shoulder pain, lymph drainage, circulation, & relaxation


Reaction to Ticks and Unbalanced Hyoid

While in training Kaleena and her trainer hit the trails since that was going to be her job. She came home after one ride covered with ticks. The trainer removed all of them but some areas where they had been swelled terribly and started to ooze some. The vet came out and prescribed steriods. Her owner wanted to get her thru it as soon as possible and asked me to do a session or two with her as needed. Her first session I did pad placement to help drain her lymph system and photopuncture to help support her immune system. I went back for a second session all her sores were dried up and healing nicely. I ended up using lights to help her body to balance including her hyoid. Her nostrils were actually level when I put the poll cap on. They then moved up and down to different positions as did her eyes. After some yawning and shaking her nostrils and eyes where both level.

May 2021 Reiki, Photopuncture & Light Sessions

Equine Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Kaeleena relaxed after receiving Reiki, red light through the poll cap, and red, near infrared, & blue light along with sound frequencies through another pad

Equine Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Tick bites on throat latch - some what better after receiving steriods - before light session

Equine Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Tick bites on neck - some what better after receiving steriods - before light session

Equine Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Hyoid as it was balancing with red light through the poll cap - nostrils out of balance/not lined up

Equine Light and Photopuncture Sessions

Balanced hyoid - nostrils & eyes are balanced/lined up



Cody's owner contacted me as he was lame on his right front and she thought it could be laminitis. She was looking for a holistic way to treat it. I started his session with essential oils and Reiki as the energy in his chakras and legs were blocked. I put the poll cap on to help him to relax even more. Once the energy was flowing correctly I used light pads, essential oils, and my torchs on acupuncture points that help to support laminitis issues. His owner saw some improvement but called the vet to have him checked. It was not laminitis but ringbone. I went back a couple of times and followed a ringbone protocol I have with essential oils (or Dynamite salve) and light pad placement that will dissolve the ringbone. In between my visits his owner would use a torch on the ringbone along with essential oils. We saw a defiant decrease in the ringbone in two weeks time. She eventually purchased a light pad to be able to continue the protocol on her own.

June - July 2021 Reiki & Light Sessions, Essential Oils, Dynamite Products

Equine Reiki and Light Sessions

Cody totally relaxed receiving Reiki and red light through the poll cap

Equine Reiki, Light, and Photopuncture sessions, essential oils, Dynamite products

Ringbone before light therapy & essential oils

Equine Reiki, Light, and Photopuncture sessions, essential oils, Dynamite products

Ringbone after 2 weeks of light therapy & essential oils

Equine Reiki, Light, and Photopuncture sessions, essential oils, Dynamite products

Red light through a pad & Dynamite balm wrap

HB & Jimmy

Reiki Session with her Miniature Horse

I went to HB and Jimmy's barn to do a session with them for photographs. I started with HB's Reiki session while Jimmy got ready. He had some salt and came over about the time I was balancing energy in her head. He put his nose on her solar plexus then turned his head and did some licking and chewing to help release what he had found in HB's hips. He then started rubbing his hindquarters on the massage table and moved closer to me. Horses are very good at showing the person doing Reiki where to work so I did some Reiki on him until he walked away.

This was the results I received from HB a few days later: "Oh I keep forgetting to tell you When we did photos with Jimmy you "fixed" him. He's never lunged clockwise since I've owned him. Now he can lunge clockwise no problem!"

As for HB herself; "It dropped the headaches I was having. And helped the pain in my ankles and knee that showed up after walking/being on my feet all day."

June 2021 Reiki (Human & Horse) Sessions

Human Reiki and Equine Assisted Reiki

HB receiving Reiki

Human Reiki and Equine Assisted Reiki

HB receiving Reiki from me and Jimmy

Human Reiki and Equine Assisted Reiki along with Equine Reiki

HB receiving Reiki from me and Jimmy

Human Reiki and Equine Assisted Reiki along with Equine Reiki

Jimmy receiving Reiki


Wasp Stings

Wasps came out of a horse head tie post I have by our walk thru garage door. The hubby said at first it felt like he had been shocked then realized he had been stung several times. He said it was possible that he could have really bad reaction due to having them when he was younger. I asked if he needed to head to the doctor or try one of my remedies first. We tried the remedy first. I applied blue light then vinegar, lavender essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. The stinging went away immediately along with part of the swelling. By morning the swelling was mostly gone but still stung some. We reapplied everything and by that evening it was fine.

July 2021 Photopuncture, Essential Oils

Human Photopuncture Sessions, essential oils

Help for wasp stings

"Feeling Bogged Down"

Clearing and Balancing Energy

One of the modalities that I do that is normal and common to be me but so much to others is shamanism. I had a session with a gal who I have worked with in the past several times contact me (who lives several hours away from me so we do long distance/remote sessions). She just was feeling bogged down lately and had a feeling it was time to give me a call. Otherwise she felt fine. Her energy fields and chakras were blocked and energy just wasn't flowing properly. During our conversation we talked about how she had been at a creepy antique shop...had been feeling off since. After tuning in and doing some checking I removed some negative energies and entities she had picked up and a past life curse. I was then able to do Reiki and repair and balance her chakras and get her back on track. Her husband came home not long after our session and she told me he said her eyes were much brighter! A few days later and again after several weeks she told me how good she was feeling! So while it may sound woo woo too some it is real!"

September 2021 - Long Distance Shamanic and Reiki Session

I posted this on my FB page and when another client read the post it quickly resonated with her. I had done some light sessions with her but this time we did a shamanic session and cleared some negative energy pertaining to her past life and ex husband. He had recently come back into the family's life and the energy around them all needed to be cleared and balanced. After the shamanic work I did the needed Reiki work with her to get her balanced out again. This was not an easy session for her, she was extremely tired the week after and went through some emotional detox but then felt better. So I need to mention - I am only the help ... it is up to the client if they want to take on the healing work or not. We all have free will. Sometimes it is like peeling an onion, one layer then another, layer after layer. It can be the same way for our animals.

September 2021 - Shamanic and Reiki Session


Eye Lid Cut

Gem can sometimes be my problem child. On October 8th I had the vet out to take a look at her eyes. They had been gunky and slightly swollen for a couple of days. They got better with torch work then worse again so I decided they needed to be looked at. They didn't find anything as far as scratches or something in them so they cleaned her nasal ducts. I put her in her stall at pm chores and headed off to work on a client. Bill called when he found her and said her left eye was so bloody he couldn't tell what she had done for sure. I called the vet and headed home. She must have rubbed from it being itchy and managed to tear her eye lid almost off - eye ball was fine and intact. He had a heck of time getting the suture in the inner corner, ended up redoing it after the rest of the eyelid was done, but got it done out in the field. I put a blinder hoodie on I had in the cupboard from one of her previous eye injuries to protect it. I immediately started using red and blue torches on the eye along with the ointment and banamine prescribed. I also sprayed Release spray from Dynamite on it as it helped to stop the itching. Ten days later it was looking good and then the inside corner came loose. I sent a photo to the clinic and was told she had to come into be resutured by the  Ophthalmologist Surgeon. She was able to get in much tighter sutures without having the blood and inflammation to deal with. I was told this type of tear was hard to heal and sometimes had to be resutured several times. After the sutures had been out for 2 weeks I was still having problems with the inside corner not being totally healed tight. I sent photos to the surgeon again. She said it looked better than she expected, it just needed more time. And it was up to me to leave hoodie on or off as it was starting to cause problems as far as keeping her eye clean.

Sometimes no matter what you or your vet (or doctor) do something just doesn't get totally healed. It starts to get better than relapses and this becomes repetitive. Or something gets to a certain point and doesn't heal past that point. This is where I was at with this crazy eye. This is why I use Reiki with lights. We all get energy blockages (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and if these blockages aren't removed the body's energy can not flow properly for it too heal itself. I did Reiki 2 days on Gem's eye and it pretty much took care of the problem. It was a traumatic experience for her I am sure. That trauma would cause the blockages I was able to remove then bring in healing light thru my hand. I couldn't get good pics of myself doing Reiki but I got a good one of her release, This was 11/25!!!

October 8 - November 25, 2021 - Red and Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release, Vet's Prescriptions

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

10-08-21 Eye lid tear - waiting for vet to arrive

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Right after sutures were done

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

10-11-21 After 4 days of photopuncture sessions

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Hoodie for protection - available only because of a previous eye injury she had

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Red torch used for inflammation, pain, infection

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Red followed by Blue torch used to cool off the eye and for skin repair

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

10-11-21 It's coming morning chores

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

10-11-21 at noon...needs to be taken to ISU Ophthalmologist Surgeon for resuturing

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Surgeon's resuture...

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Even with light the inside corner is granulated but not healing tight. Did 1 Reiki session to remove trauma

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

Release during firstReiki session

Red & Blue Photopuncture, Reiki, Dynamite Release Spray, Vet's Prescriptions

One day after Reiki session

Stallion "Off" After Breeding Season

I received a message from a client who lives several hours away who was concerned about her stallion. She said he seemed to be off, depressed or run down after breeding season. He also seemed weak in the hip and had a stifle locking intermittently - she did not say which hip and stifle and I did not ask. I have done sessions with her in the past so we set up a long distance/remote session. She sent me photos of both sides of him. I used these to connect and when the session was done I contacted her. I put YL Release essential oil on my hands - since it has a frequency it will travel remotely with the energy. I choose that particular oil by dowsing with a pendulum. I checked his hara, chakras, and did a body scan and found a large energy restriction from his tuber coxal (hip) to his point of hip on his left side. I used Reiki to remove the physical blockage in this area. Then I was able to repair, balance, set a frequency for his Hara and anchor it - this balanced his chakras. I then used a pendulum to to clear energy fields and anything else that needed to be done to release any and all issues with his hips, stifles, and depression/emotional state. After the session I checked in and was told his owner thought he had been kicked by a mare in his left hip and it was the left stifle that had been locking. I have had too much personal experience with locked stifles so I explained how I would try to put him in a larger pen so he wouldn't have to pivot on his hind legs so much, had more room to trot, and I would avoid lunging if possible. Nov 20th she told me "he was doing great! Thank you He had a couple of episodes afterwards but after changing his pen and with your work he's been doing great!"

October 2021 - Long Distance Reiki Session with Pendulum and essential oils

Lights sent by Holy Fire Reiki to client

When your clients need light and you are hours away driving but can send it with Holy Fire Reiki...

Lights sent by Holy Fire Reiki to client

Light is energy waves and can be sent to a client by me with my Holy Fire Reiki. Left picture is red and blue light on the poll with red and near-infrared down the back, hindquarters, and down the leg with the issue. The right picture is red and blue light on the poll with red and near-infrared down the withers, back, and sacrum for shoulder and hip issues. I use photos and my pendulum to get my connection to the horse (or person).

May 2022 (2 different horses) - Long Distance Reiki Session with Pendulum and essential oils

Horse Time Therapy

Another great Equine Assisted Session....

I had another great Equine Assisted Session with Faith and Royal. Royal got combed and brushed. Her tail and main brushed out and her feet cleaned then Faith took her through the obstacle course. It was an interesting session: Faith's sister has been here and worked with Royal when her grandma brought her for her birthday. She then asked Faith if she wanted to come and she said yes. During her sister's session Grandma mentioned that this would be great for Faith as it would teach her to be a little more assertive. Well Royal either heard the conversation and/or knew (as is normally the case).

Horse Time Therapy

Normally she walks through all the obstacles with no problem and is willing to try anything new. She also normally backs easily and trots beside you in her own space. We had to work a little harder to get her through some obstacles, she didn't want to back, and kept pushing into Faith's space. Once Faith gently corrected her Royal rewarded her little bit of assertiveness by doing it correctly. Gotta love how they teach us things when we don't even release it sometimes!! To Faith it is was just fun working with a small horse!!

June 2022

Land and Cattle Herd Clearing

A client friend called and said they were having health issues with the cattle like they have never had before. This 80 acres of pasture had the 2020 derecho leave behind a lot of damaged trees plus two more recent tornadoes have passed through or over it. So our first thought was all the energy that had been carried in and left behind. It also has fairly new and very large electrical poles that run through it along with a field that follows one whole side of the 80. She commented that when she was there before talking to me about it the energy on the land felt off. We decided I would do a remote session to help clear the land and the cattle. It ended up being more but this is where I started.

Remote land and cattle clearing by Wellness With Infinite Heart

To do this clearing I was led to layout photos of the land and cattle along with Selenite crystal and Palo Santo essential oil on my altar. I then used several pendulums along with drumming to clear the intense electrical frequencies, residue from the herbicide that had been sprayed recently, and a past life of the land. The past life was concerning the Bison herd that had once lived on the land and the entire herd was killed by the white man while a Native American watched from a hill top on his horse unable to help. The same helpless my friends had been feeling towards their cattle and the land. It was a pretty intense session for me.... 💔😥

I wanted to share one of the not so shared ways that my experience with Reiki, Pendulums, Crystals, Oils, and Shamanism

combined can help animals....

(PS I prefer to not do "ghost" clearings. I will however refer anyone interested to experienced people who do this type of clearing work. I have spent too many years getting them out of my life to go "looking for" them. 😉

July 2023 - Long Distance Reiki and Shamanic Session with Pendulums, crystals, and essential oils

Gem Stings and Saphra Heat Cycles

Thank goodness for my Dynamite Specialty Products... all natural feed, supplements, and wound care.....

Gem had 3 half inch encrusted, dry gooey scabs that I had to literally pull off along with the hair to get them cleaned up. I of course forgot the before photos while I was just trying to get her brow taken care of on day 1. I used Solace (colloidal silver) to clean and disinfect it. After the scabs where off I noticed 3 small holes that look like she probably got stung by a wasp or ground bees. So I put miracle clay on them to draw out the poison then the salve. It only took 2 days to get it healed up...

now for new hair (I hope ). And yes Gem's nose sunburns so she gets salve or balm put on it....

Saphra has been going through some rough heat cycles. I have been trying everything to help relieve it. She hates lights, loves Reiki along with the Release and Relax sprays followed up with Copaiba essential oil. I am still working toward an answer but I tend to believe it may have a inherited cause as her mom was cushings, her mom's half sister hyper thyroid, and a half sister did some of the same things she is doing. This combo shortens her worst days down while I keep looking for more. She is on Dynamite supplements

including Easy Balance also.

July 2023 - Dynamite Products and essential oils

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Wasp sting - Dynamite Specialty Products Wellness With Infinite Heart
Dynamite Specialty Products Wellness With Infinite Heart
Cycling Issues - Dynamite Specialty Products Wellness With Infinite Heart

Callie Wasp Sting and Saphra Drippy Eyes

So miss Callie decided to try to catch a wasp last night not heeding my warning. She started rubbing her nose with her paw and in the dirt. I don't think it totally got a stinger in, but her nose did start to swell on the right side slightly. I immediately put some Release spray on it and she quit rubbing. I then put clay on it to pull out the poison. Within a half hour or less you couldn't tell it ever happened!

Bill got stung or bit mowing and had an immediate, red, swollen, stinging mark that was getting larger fast. A good layer of clay

until it dried and no trip to the ER! And of course no photos

I also use Release spray in Saphra's eyes because the tall grass irritates them. While I give her a treat I can spray her eyes

 right through the gate!

July 2023 - Dynamite Products

If you are interested I am a distributor - visit my website at:

Callie Wasp Sting - Dynamite Specialty Products Wellness With Infinite Heart
Dynamite Specialty Products Wellness With Infinite Heart
Saphra Drippy Eyes - Dynamite Specialty Products Wellness With Infinite Heart

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