Hi, I am Pam Davis the owner of Wellness With Infinite Heart, LLC

This business came about after a long journey and my love for horses and wanting to do the very best that I could for mine. I was born with the "horse gene." For awhile when I was young my Grandpa had a pony. Then I had to be satisfied with my Breyers until I got my first trail pony when I was a teenager. After high school graduation I earned my Associate of Applied Science Degree in Horse Science but became the bookkeeper of my first husband's business and let the dream of a horse career fade. We had trail horses and after a riding wreck that made it hard for me to ride we found the Shetland Pony and Miniature Horse World. We showed in sanctioned AMHR shows at local to national level in halter, obstacle, jumping, and driving. We also had some rescues and retirees. They all meant I had health, maintenance, and quality life issues to deal with.

Wellness With Infinite Heart has the tools to energetically balance the body.

Pam Davis, Practitioner & Owner of Wellness With Infinite Heart

I had issues coming up that the vets kept coming out for, costing money with no answers or solutions. So I went looking for alternative and complimentary therapies. I was referred to a massage therapist who also did equine massage and worked with essential oils and energy healing. By now I was starting to have more issues from my wreck and was needing solutions for myself along with my horses and dogs. Just when I was seeing the positive affects of the sessions for me and my horses she told me she was moving to Colorado. But she had already planted the seed and opened up my whole world. So I took my first energy healing class with Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and became a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. That was in 2013. HTA had one level with much of it's time devoted to learning about essential oils. I became a certified practitioner thru level 4 with HTA. Because of HTA I also became a level 1 Healing Touch Program practitioner (human) and level 1 Aromatherapist thru The Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy.

I eventually found Anna Twinney from Reach Out to Horses who is an International Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer. I received my First & Second Degree Usui Reiki certifications and Equine Reiki thru her. Included in the Equine Reiki class was Young Living Essential Oils, muscle testing, and dowsing with a pendulum. I also completed an Animal Communications Mentorship with her and some horsemanship clinics. I was also looking for more natural feed products for my horses and myself and Anna introduced me to Dynamite Specialty Products. I became a distributor with them in 2015.

I also found Jim Masterson and the Masterson Method. I completed his two day Beyond Horse Massage live seminar, Level 1 Equine Anatomy course, and The Beyond Horse Massage Home Study course. I am a Masterson Method certified Equine Specialist.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner and have completed 2 years of Shamanic classes plus. I also practice Pendulum Healing/Alchemy and Dowsing and completed pendulum classes.

In 2016 I was introduced to Light Therapy and Photopuncture. Since then I have completed certification work with Photonic Therapy Institute with Light Therapy and Photopuncture. And am a Photonic Therapy Institute Referral Partner. The light certification with PTI allowed me to test and become a certified light therapist thru The Board of Advanced Natural Health Science.

I have my Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I, Level II, and Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher certifications.

It's taken me a while to acquire my knowledge and skills (all of which can be used with animals and people) and figure out how I want to use them. I spent many years using what I have learned at home and with family and friends. I do believe all of these modalities work well together to give horses, pets, animals, and people a whole new level of healing. We are all made up of energy and have a frequency. The higher the frequency the healthier we are. Our bodies need to be balanced energetically to have a higher frequency - then the body can heal itself, support itself, or transition. The modalities and techniques I use help the body to balance energetically!

I am now remarried and still on the farm with the horses who have come forward who want to help - we are doing equine assisted and guided Reiki and events. We would like to share what we have learned on our journey and to help others. I specialize in horses but work with horses, pets, animals, and people. Please read my disclaimer... I provide therapies/modalities that help to energetically balance the body. Balancing these imbalances can be beneficial to helping the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so it may have the ability to heal itself. These therapies/modalities can be extremely useful in conjunction with traditional medicine and veterinary care. They can be done in person or remotely. If you would like to see how they can help please contact me for more information or to schedule a session!!!

Pam Davis,

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master,


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