Linda W - Full Testimonial

Severely Broken Wrists

"I’d like to thank Pam for the amazing difference she has had in helping both my daughter following her accident and a horse we rescued. I first met Pam through a recommendation of a friend. Pam used light therapy, reiki, essential oils, miracle clay, and Dynamite minerals with my mare that I rescued and have been rehabilitating. The positive transformation in the overall comfort and appearance of my mare is undeniable. Her appetite has consistently improved. She is eating more and building muscle. Coincidentally, a few weeks later Pam was checking in with me to see how my mare was doing, and I apologized for not letting her know that my mare was doing wonderful, because I had been so busy caring for my daughter who had just been in an accident and severely broke both her wrists and was going to be having surgery to rebuild and repair her wrists. Pam explained how the light therapy could help ease the pain and discomfort my daughter was having from her accident, so I had Pam come to my home and she did a light therapy session with my daughter and she began feeling immediate relief of the pain and general all-over soreness she was experiencing from her accident. Pam also loaned us a torch light to use on trigger points to continue to help relieve painful areas and help the healing process. Following my daughter’s wrist surgery, I had Pam come to my home again and do another light therapy session for my daughter and there was a huge decrease in her level of pain following the session. With continued use of the torch light assisting her tissues in healing my daughter’s wrists were healed and able to be out of casts at 4 weeks, enabling her to begin physical therapy 2 weeks sooner than anticipated! Thank you so much Pam for your infinite heart in the amazing way you assist healing to resume wellness! My family is extremely grateful."

July - September 2021 - Light and Photpuncture Sessions for wristis. Reiki and Light sessions, Essential Oils and Dynamite Supplements for horse rehab

Human Light and Photopuncture sessions

After surgery

Human Light and Photopuncture sessions

After some Light and Photopuncture

Linda W - Full Testimonial

Rescue Horse, Herself, and Her Children

I am so grateful for Pam with Wellness With Infinite Heart. She has not only helped my rescue horse as we work to restore her health, nutrients, mobility, strength, and quality of life. But Pam has also made tremendous improvements in healing and overall health and wellness with my children and myself.

Last year, both my teenage children (twin boy & girl) received traumatic injuries from sports they participate in. These injuries were not just physically painful, but caused a great deal of emotional suffering as well. Light therapy drastically helped both kids quickly physically recover from their injuries, but the emotional consequences from their injuries were not as obvious as the physical ones. Over time those emotions have built up and turned into a debilitating depression, and their medications seemed ineffective. With both kids completely "shutting down" and me at a total loss of what to do to help my kids, I contacted Pam to see if she could "check in" with my kids to see if there was something I'm overlooking, because they just weren't their typical selves. Pam did a remote session for my son first. When I reached out to Pam my son was on day 4 of round-the-clock being in bed asleep. After doing the remote session with him and opening his energy blockages and clearing out some residual effects from his football injury a few months earlier, I was stunned when the next morning my son woke up and was back to his typical self again... he hadn't even realized how much time had passed, but just woke up feeling good again! So I let Pam know how much her session had entirely improved my son and asked if she would also do a remote session with my daughter as she seemed to be regressing to a similar state as her brother had just come out of. Pam did the remote session with my daughter and helped remove several energy blockages with her as well as doing a bit more work on her to heal her emotionally from her horseback riding accident.. after an additional day of rest, my daughter is noticeably feeling better and has more energy again. Neither of my kids were told about these remote sessions beforehand, so their response to Pam's work is authentic and simply remarkable.

In addition to these recent sessions, last year after dealing with so many challenges and life changing events myself, I told Pam how "stuck" I was feeling. She suggested that I come to her home-office and do a reiki session. Following that session I felt so much "lighter," renewed, and more energized again. Pam is excellent in providing a holistic approach to help return the flow of energy and balance, which results in overall feeling better. I highly recommend Pam and Wellness With Infinite Heart for yourself, your loved ones, and fur babies!

February 2022 - Long Distance Shamanic and Reiki Sessions with Pendulum, essential oils, and healing music

Equine Reiki, Equine Light Therapy, Equine Photopuncture