What is Energy and Light Therapy?

Also known as Energy Healing or Energy Medicine, Energy Therapy is a field of complementary therapy that is based on the human (and animal) energy field interacting with other energy fields (human, animal, and other). Our bodies are surrounded by various kinds of energy: electrical, magnetic, light, and subtle. Health and disease appear to be related to the flow or lack of flow of our energetic systems. This is supported by modern quantum physics and Albert Einstein who demonstrated that matter and energy are interchangeable, so our bodies are energy. Matter does not exist in certain places with certainty but tends to show it does. A particle (a minute portion of matter) can also act as a wave - the interactions between waves (particles) are interconnections. These interconnections make the universe a web of inseparable energy patterns, not separate, independent parts.

Since bodies are made of energy and energy has a frequency our bodies have a frequency. The energy field around our bodies are called an aura. It sends out energy frequencies and absorbs energy frequencies from around us. This energy is not only in our auras. It flows through us and our animals in channels called meridians much like blood and lymph. It goes to energy points (acupoints) and energy centers (chakras) and then to all of our organs and body parts. Our energy fields, points, and centers can get "muddied or 'stagnant" from the constant, daily energy transfer in and out of our bodies, to and from our surroundings. This "muddied" or "stagnant" energy tends to build up over time and begins to slow down our energy flow. Trauma and life events can get stuck in these fields, points, and centers. All of this causes our energy to become imbalanced and possibly blocked which in turn lowers our frequency. The higher our frequency the healthier we are. When our energy is not flowing properly or balanced causing a lower frequency we and our animals experience physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. This can lead to our body not being healthy and unable to help itself heal. The energy can be brought back into balance by clearing stagnant energy and removing blockages. Bringing the energy back into balance raises the frequency and supports a healthy, happy body!

Energy Therapy or Energy Medicine can also be defined as: the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy. In the health care field it is made up of two branches:

1) Bio-Mechanical which are electrical or magnetic devices that provide images of the body for diagnostic purposes or that somehow treat a diagnosed condition. These devices use ordinary energies such as heat, light, sound, gravity, pressure, vibration, electricity, magnetism, chemical energy, and electro-magnetism. They involve energy of certain frequencies, intensities, and wave shapes that stimulate the repair and regeneration of tissue. Example: Light, Sound, Magnets

2) Bio-Field Energy Therapy, Energy Healing Therapy, or Hands-On Energy Medicine, etc. There are many energy healing methods that have been developed over the the years. But all of them are based on ancient healing methods and traditions that are known throughout many world cultures. Many of the techniques used in energy therapies come from practices in  shamanistic and Asian traditions with thousands of years of use. More than 2,000 years ago, Asian healers believed that the flow and balance of life energies were important in maintaining health, and that illnesses were due to energy imbalances. They developed therapies and practices, such as acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong, to correct these imbalances. Modern energy therapies such as Healing Touch are based on the same principles. These therapies cannot be as easily measured or researched but new instruments are showing promise for research. They are however, indisputable with human experiences. Like the bio-mechanical they involve certain frequencies, intensities, wave shapes, and electro-magnetic energy exchanges. But they also have the energy of touch, caring, love, spiritual connection and other human experiences which are not able to be scientifically measured. Example: Reiki, Healing Touch, Acupuncture , Yoga, Qigong

Because, as mentioned above, the universe is a web of inseparable energy patterns we are all connected by energy some of these types of energy therapies can be done remotely or by long distance.